The purity of God’s word hung on a cross and received into Himself all the trash this world will ever hold. Wave after wave of rejection and hate crashed upon His heart and He bore it.
Finally when all the sin of the world was emptied into His heart, He raised Himself upon His wounded feet and shouted the words that changed all of creation for eternity, “IT IS FINISHED!”
Only then did He allow Himself the comfort of defeating the last remaining opponent to humankind—death. Willingly He gave Himself to death, knowing that resurrection and our victory waited for Him on the other side.
Now our resurrection is risen, the stain of sin washed away by His own blood. His perfect sacrifice given once for all time proved to be greater than the sin for which He was given
Seated at Father’s right hand in all His glory and holiness, Jesus has taken His righteous place. In Him we are seated and as He is in Heaven so are we here on this earth, NOW, “….on earth as it is in heaven.”


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