The DNA of the oak tree is carried within an acorn. The acorn is dropped, seemingly at random on the ground, birds and squirrels as well as countless other critters carry them here and there for their own purposes. But God knows where that acorn needs to be in order to grow into a magnificent mature tree.

The acorn ends up buried in the ground, hidden from the light of day and there something miraculous takes place. The acorn dies and an oak tree emerges, the miracle of life emerges from the darkness and death of the ground. Into the light of day it’s branches reach higher and higher every day, in season and out of season it continues to grow. Year in and year out until it begins to produce fruit of it’s own. Fruit that was written into the DNA of the acorn is reproduced in the fruit of the mature tree.

Some growth is hidden, but produces what is visible above the ground. So it is with us, the DNA of God is written within every cell of our being, His blueprint for our lives is hidden in our spirit. When we allow our lives to be placed wherever Papa wants us to be, we are positioned for fruitfulness. Don’t be discouraged because of the seemingly random, accidental patterns of life. Know that Papa is directing, protecting and nourishing our lives in Christ.

Hidden in Him from the outer light of day, the old self-identity dies and the fruitfulness that is designed into us is released. Before you know it we emerge into the light of day, still hidden in Him, but now also exposed to the world. Flourishing in this environment we were designed for, we will produce much good fruit.

Just stay rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.




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