It’s a new day, a new beginning.

Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.      Psalms 29:2

When I think of holiness and sanctification I see a picture of myself entering into Jesus. Like opening a door into His body and entering in, of course, I closed the door behind me.

Hidden in Christ, His holiness is my holiness, His sanctification is my sanctification. Talk about being set apart, WOW. This reminds me of a song the Lord gave to me many years ago on one of those dark mornings as I was driving to work. I felt like I had missed God’s best, I felt so alone. Out of despair I cried out for His presence and this song came into my head.

“I can see you,  I AM here with you,  I AM in you.  I can see you, I AM here with you,  I AM in you. 

I know your heart, I know your thoughts,  I AM in you.  I can touch with your hands,  I can see with your eyes,  I AM in you.

I can see you,  I AM here with you,  I AM in you.”

It was like getting bathed in His presence and I felt so silly for thinking as I had just moments before. But His song kept resonating in me and still does today.  Whenever I begin to feel alone or neglected I retreat, NO I advance into Christ and find myself, my joy, my purpose in HIM.

There’s a standing invitation for all to enter into Him, just as you are. He will clean you up and wash away the stains of the your past, come into Him.

Just don’t don’t forget to close the door behind you, in Christ everything is made new.




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