I was reading my bible this morning. I flipped it open to the account of Joshua at Jericho, I know this story very well as do most believers. But this morning I saw something new. The Angel of the Lord told Joshua to have all the people follow the priests carrying the arc. He was instructed to have 7 priests carry 7 trumpets and they were to walk around the walls of Jericho once every day in silence for 6 days. On the seventh day they were to walk around 7 times and on the seventh the priests were to blow the trumpets and at their blast the people were to shout and the walls would collapse.

But Joshua had the priests blow the trumpets all the time they marched around the city. On the seventh day because the trumpets had been blasting the whole time, the people had to wait for Joshua to give the command to shout and attack.

Whats the difference? The walls still came down even though God’s instructions were not carried out perfectly.

When I read this it brought great comfort to me to know that God is the creator of infinite details so intricate that we cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of His work. But it is not so with us, no one obeys His word perfectly, only Jesus. And that is the whole thing, only Jesus has ever obeyed all of Papa’s instructions, but we are in Christ.

His grace covers our failures and insufficiency, our success is not dependent on absolute, perfect obedience. Our success is dependent on the finished work of Jesus Christ.


How wonderfully sweet is the offering of My Son, He came as High Priest and offered His blood once for all of time at the mercy seat of Heaven.  The aroma of His burnt offering fills all of heaven and is fresh in My nostrils now.

          When His blood was offered I saw the chains of darkness fall from My children.  I saw the centuries of sin and pain washed away, never to stain and corrupt again.

          Now I look upon you, My Children, My Glorious ones, you are free to be without penalty of sin for eternity, free to show the world the Glory of My Son.

           They cannot look upon His face, they cannot bear the revelation of His Glory.  But you can show them, they can see you and His Glory that is upon you.  Oh how My heart beats with joy as you present Him in all of His Glory to those bound in darkness.  Heaven rejoices as the revelation of Jesus transforms their lives, His song rings eternal, paid in full, paid in full.



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