It happened slowly, without my ever knowing it. I became comfortable with my art. Was it good? Sometimes, but it seemed I was never satisfied with it. I kept doing the same things over and over, making the same mistakes. Every now and then I would do something that broke out of the comfort zone, but it was rare.

Then God did something radical in me, I heard a man’s testimony of taking risks, stepping out in faith. He had changed his life and become an artist and gallery owner through faith in God’s Word. After lighting the fire in me, he imparted what he had received to me.

Immediately my art changed as I was able to see differently than ever before. I was set free from my self imposed prison of comfort and began to take risks in my art. I got my dance back.

Now comfort is far from me, I live in the danger zone. But I have found that Papa God is always there to bring a solution to any problems I encounter. The key is to just keep moving forward.

Fast forward to 8/7 I asked Papa for the key to our breakthrough. Our vision of destiny was clearly defined, but always seemed just out of reach, my wife and I were desperate for it. As I meditated on Papa, Holy Spirit downloaded these words, “Glory to those who rule over you. Praise those who praise you, love those who hate you, give to those who can’t give. Pour out what’s been poured into you, receive freely without questions. Look for opportunities in every situation, both good and bad. Rejoice always!”

That was all good, but then He capped it off with this life changing word.

“I can’t is not in you—’I AM, I CAN & I WILL’, is.”

When I began to apply this word and declare who I am in Christ, the Lord showed us that our breakthrough is imminent. We have received it spiritually and are looking for the manifestation NOW!

There are no impossibilities in Christ.





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