I just got this revelation, it’s really deep, hope you can grasp it, but here it is, GOD IS GOOD!

I know it’s not something that you haven’t heard about a million times before, especially at church. But now I see it as coming from deep down in my heart, “GOD IS GOOD.” He is good and everything He does is good.

Well this means that if something happens in my life that is not good, there is a problem.

What to do? Shift my perspective from a earthly carnal one to that of heaven.

When I see my life through the eyes of my good Papa, I will laugh at the opposition that comes against me. Or at least I will be able to laugh, it is a choice.

I think I’ll laugh.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I am an over-comer, I am filled with JOY unspeakable and fulllll of glory, I am overflowing with the prosperity of my righteousness, everything I touch prospers, therefore I am filled with wisdom and choose carefully what I put my hands to. I am an ambassador for the kingdom of God and manifest His presence and power where ever I go and whatever I do. When people see me, they see Jesus.
Yeah God!


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Tonight begins the Festival of Tabernacles or Harvest. 7 days of rejoicing in the GOODNESS of our Papa poured out on us in Jesus Christ.
“It’s Harvest Time”
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The purity of God’s word hung on a cross and received into Himself all the trash this world will ever hold. Wave after wave of rejection and hate crashed upon His heart and He bore it.
Finally when all the sin of the world was emptied into His heart, He raised Himself upon His wounded feet and shouted the words that changed all of creation for eternity, “IT IS FINISHED!”
Only then did He allow Himself the comfort of defeating the last remaining opponent to humankind—death. Willingly He gave Himself to death, knowing that resurrection and our victory waited for Him on the other side.
Now our resurrection is risen, the stain of sin washed away by His own blood. His perfect sacrifice given once for all time proved to be greater than the sin for which He was given
Seated at Father’s right hand in all His glory and holiness, Jesus has taken His righteous place. In Him we are seated and as He is in Heaven so are we here on this earth, NOW, “….on earth as it is in heaven.”


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In Christ we are set high above the clouds. In Him we have the glorious light of heaven and all of the earth is revealed in the beauty of the Father.
The place where we are set is fruitful and prosperous. Rest in Him and know who you are, we are clothed in Christ, in Him we live and move and have our being.
Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Therefore live in the light of His glory and flourish in Him. All of creation is waiting for the redemption that comes through the mature children of God.



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The DNA of the oak tree is carried within an acorn. The acorn is dropped, seemingly at random on the ground, birds and squirrels as well as countless other critters carry them here and there for their own purposes. But God knows where that acorn needs to be in order to grow into a magnificent mature tree.

The acorn ends up buried in the ground, hidden from the light of day and there something miraculous takes place. The acorn dies and an oak tree emerges, the miracle of life emerges from the darkness and death of the ground. Into the light of day it’s branches reach higher and higher every day, in season and out of season it continues to grow. Year in and year out until it begins to produce fruit of it’s own. Fruit that was written into the DNA of the acorn is reproduced in the fruit of the mature tree.

Some growth is hidden, but produces what is visible above the ground. So it is with us, the DNA of God is written within every cell of our being, His blueprint for our lives is hidden in our spirit. When we allow our lives to be placed wherever Papa wants us to be, we are positioned for fruitfulness. Don’t be discouraged because of the seemingly random, accidental patterns of life. Know that Papa is directing, protecting and nourishing our lives in Christ.

Hidden in Him from the outer light of day, the old self-identity dies and the fruitfulness that is designed into us is released. Before you know it we emerge into the light of day, still hidden in Him, but now also exposed to the world. Flourishing in this environment we were designed for, we will produce much good fruit.

Just stay rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.




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It’s a new day, a new beginning.

Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.      Psalms 29:2

When I think of holiness and sanctification I see a picture of myself entering into Jesus. Like opening a door into His body and entering in, of course, I closed the door behind me.

Hidden in Christ, His holiness is my holiness, His sanctification is my sanctification. Talk about being set apart, WOW. This reminds me of a song the Lord gave to me many years ago on one of those dark mornings as I was driving to work. I felt like I had missed God’s best, I felt so alone. Out of despair I cried out for His presence and this song came into my head.

“I can see you,  I AM here with you,  I AM in you.  I can see you, I AM here with you,  I AM in you. 

I know your heart, I know your thoughts,  I AM in you.  I can touch with your hands,  I can see with your eyes,  I AM in you.

I can see you,  I AM here with you,  I AM in you.”

It was like getting bathed in His presence and I felt so silly for thinking as I had just moments before. But His song kept resonating in me and still does today.  Whenever I begin to feel alone or neglected I retreat, NO I advance into Christ and find myself, my joy, my purpose in HIM.

There’s a standing invitation for all to enter into Him, just as you are. He will clean you up and wash away the stains of the your past, come into Him.

Just don’t don’t forget to close the door behind you, in Christ everything is made new.




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